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  Shanghai Wells Cosmetics Co.,Ltd.is a highly specialized cosmetics manufacturer.We serve global mid-to-high-end makeup brands with a comprehensive product range,developed and distributed through our professional R&D team,advanced production bases and cutting-edge logistics storage management system.Our products have passed ISO22716 and GMPC quality system certification and are certified HALAL.
Our production bases include two product finishing plants in Shanghai,China and Jakarta,Indonesia.
       Established in 2007,our Shanghai factory produces primarily eyebrow-related products,lipsticks,lip glazes,eyeliners and new technology powder products.The site boasts 150 dedicated staff manning a production area of 8,000 sqm.
       Our Indonesian factory,having officially commenced production on February 1,2020,produces eyebrow pencils,lipsticks and foundation products.
       With focus on high-efficiency,meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers with a robust lineup of fully automated production lines,including four full silicone automatic filling lipstick machines(imported from Korea),two automatic eyebrow pencil production machines,three powder pressing machines(imported from Italy),two automatic eyeliner filling and assembly machines,and numerous other precision filling and packaging machines.
      Our meticulous procurement process is carried out by our Shanghai office,with only the highest grade raw materials selected in accordance with strict quality requirements.Currently,more than 90%of raw materials suppliers contracted by WELLS COSMETICS come from Japan,Germany and the United States,with all ingredients meeting EU EEC and US FDA standards.
   WELLS COSMETICS uses no hormones,fluorescent agents and other artificial ingredients to ensure product safety.From procurement to sales,our products undergo a variety of safety and efficacy verification tests,as well as stability and sensory verification.Our processes have been shaped through countless rounds of skin testing and a wealth of tester feedback,from which our formula has evolved over time to achieve the golden ratio of ingredients.
 WELLS COSMETICS proudly meets consumer demands for quality,functionality and environmental protection.
 We combine our unwavering enterprising spirit with excellent equipment,strict QC management,pure,additive-free formulae and natural essence extracted with cutting-edge technology to achieve exceptional makeup results for consumers.

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