Cosmobeaute Indonisia 2019

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It’s been countless times, that we attend Cosmobeaute Expo. Cosmobeaute Indonesia is one of the leading Beauty Trade Shows in Indonesia which is representing all beauty sectors in order to observe product trends, new technologies, and ideas from across the world for the beauty industry.
This expo opens opportunities for many people who want to have their own cosmetic brand. The crowd at the Nayue booth was unbelievable. This shows the amount of interest of society in the cosmetics world. Lots of visitors are coming from various cities.
It’s been a pleasure for us to meet a lot of people from different cultures and cities, to learn about their culture and the market trend. It is undeniable that the cosmetics world is always increasing from year to year.
New products and new brands are always popping up, so we never stop innovating. As an OEM company, we are always keeping up with the trend.
At our booth, you can see new product displays and new packaging. Many people came to our booth with the aim of making Brand Cosmetics, But they are still confused about the stages of the process. At Nayue itself, we offer a one-stop service, where we help from the process of formulation, packaging, BPOM registration until the goods arrive at the buyer’s warehouse. So that the client does not need to be confused with this product development process. Not only new products and packaging, but we also show new formulas, new production techniques and also Cosmetic Trend for the following year.
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